Newsletter December 2020

Newsletter December 2020

Dear valued Clients & Associates

With 2020 steadily coming to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year.

As we are all very much aware 2020 has been a year like never before. Covid 19 has caused tremendous damage to World Economies and our country was not spared.

There are many individuals whom have lost their source of income or had to accept salary reductions and also individuals that have lost loved ones. Please know that we carry you in our thoughts and we sympathize with your loss.

With the Lock Down in full effect from the end of March we as individuals were forced to accept a new normal with regards to working from home, homeschooling and adjusting to a new way of life.

A positive aspect of the Lock Down is how quickly we as a nation adapted to these changes and overcame the many challenges it presented.

Working from home in one form or another is something that is here to stay and we at TvZ are proud to announce that we are fully capable and geared to work from anywhere in the world.

We are thankful to each and every Client, Associate, Consultant and Attorney involved in our business.


Thank you for your continued support.


As a family-run business we are as committed as ever to deliver excellent personal service and advice to you, our client and help you navigate towards Financial Prosperity & Protection.


Earlier this year we assisted in the payment of a severe illness claim to a client.
It shows again the importance of cover in times of Death, Disability and Severe Illness.

Our sympathies to those who are currently battling illness and to those who had lost loved ones during this year.
It is important that Risk Benefits are reviewed annually. This is the reason a Risk discussion is Standard on all our Agendas for the Annual Review.


Liquidity is an important aspect of any Estate: Estate and transfer fees must be paid.
With sufficient planning, liquidity shortages can be addressed before death.
Our relationship with Attorneys, Visagie Vos & Partners, has been standing for many years and together we have dealt with numerous late estates and death claims.
The regular review of your will is very important. Therefore, it is a standard discussion point on our Agendas with the Annual Review.


Elmarie van Zyl retired at the end of February, and we welcomed Liza Buunk to our team on the first of February. Liza comes with many years of experience in the Short-Term industry. The start to Liza’s time with us was not ideal as from the end of March Liza was forced to work from home due to the Lock Down, but despite these challenges Liza has done a great job of managing our Short-Term clients.

We would like to congratulate Liza on her progress at TvZ.


It is important to review your insurance policy on an annual basis to ensure you are sufficiently insured. With renewal, please read the insurance summary and our recommendations carefully. It is very important that you contact us if there are any changes that need to be made to your Short-Term insurance policy.

With many taking financial strain during the lockdown period, we made it our mission to help our clients save as much as possible by negotiating further discounts with insurers.

We remain committed to offer our clients the best cover alongside excellent personal service at competitive and reasonable prices.

We encourage clients, whose short-term insurance are not serviced by us, to send your schedules which will allow us the opportunity to provide comparative quotations, obligation free.


For any after hours enquiries/emergencies or for assistances/claims during the festive season when our offices will be closed, the following numbers can be contacted.

Be sure to have your policy number or I.D. number on hand when phoning

OM Insure Tel: 0861 247 365 Claims, Emergencies, Swiftcare, Roadside assistance, Home assistance and Medical emergencies.
Tel: 0860 637 373 General Enquiries like adding or removing items to your policy and all other changes.
Santam Tel: 0860 505 911 Claims, Emergencies, Roadside assistance, Home assistance and Medical emergencies.
Tel: 0860 726 826 General Enquiries like adding or removing items to your policy and all other changes.
Auto & General Tel: 021 527 8666 Claims, enquiries or changes to policy.
Tel: 0860 104 210 After-hours emergencies.



Covid 19 & the Lock Down had a devastating effect on Economies around the world as mentioned above, with this in mind there are many individuals that were Retrenched and also those that were offered early retirement or voluntary retrenchment options.

The decisions that an individual makes when offered these options is probably one of the most important financial decisions during your lifetime.  It is crucial to contact us when these offers are presented, or if you are considering retirement. Tax implications upon retirement or retrenchment can be severe. We will explain and advise you on the appropriate & most tax efficient options available to you.
Welcome to all our new pensioners and all the best of luck to you in this new stage of life.


On 20 March 2020 when it became clear that Covid19 will have a global impact, stock markets around the world plummeted.  Our own JSE all share index fell by close to 30%.  Since then, the ALSI has recovered by 47.55%.

This again goes to show that investors should avoid making emotional decisions during difficult times and stick to their long-term investment strategy as these decisions could cost them dearly.


At the end of February 2020 Toni & Elmarie retired from our practice. Their retirement is very well deserved after many years of dedicated service to TvZ and our clients.

Toni is still involved with TvZ as a mentor and partner to Marco & Antoni.
Although Marco & Antoni have personally met most of our clients tagging along with Toni & Elmarie to review meetings, we were excited to meet them individually and get to know them even further. Unfortunately Covid 19 and lockdown did not allow this to happen. We are still cautious with our face to face meetings, especially the meetings with high risk clients.

We did however manage to still complete most of our review meetings through the use of technology such as Policy summaries, Microsoft Teams meetings and telephonically. We are thankful to be working in an industry where we are able to make use of technology to still connect with our clients and complete our tasks in these trying times. We continuously strive to upgrade our systems & technology to offer the best service possible to all our clients.

We have recently also updated our website, please have a look at:

Communication from our practice is very important, you will have noticed that we sent numerous News Letters during the course of the year. This is a trend that we would aim to continue with into next year with quarterly News Letters.

Also please visit and like our Facebook page: as we do share plenty of information on this platform.

Also please save our office cellphone number: 067 832 7485 to your contact list, this will allow you to receive information that we broadcast through WhatsApp. Please note that this number is only for Broadcast purposes and our normal office number should still be used as the preferred contact option.


This year the Tax season opened on 1 September, later than usual. Pre-assessments were initiated as from 1 August by SARS to make the completion of Tax returns more sufficient. Interest received is also now recorded with third party establishments and then automatically linked with e-filing.

We are first & foremost Financial Planners: Tax submissions are done to compliment the advice given. We can therefore submit tax assessments, but we cannot guarantee or escalate claim payments or amend any standard policy of SARS.


We are pleased & proud to announce that all our compliance functions and systems are up to date and that we received a 100% rating with our last three audits.

For the past thirteen years we have partnered with the biggest Network of Independent Financial Planners, Masthead to conduct our independent audits. We are extremely proud for once again receiving their stamp of approval.

Thank you Masthead for your continued support and guidance.


Again, we are extremely thankful to each and every client for your continued support.

Our success is determined solely by the support of our clients.
Congratulations to everyone who received an achievements award or degree during this year, and also to all the new parents.
Please note that our office will close on 15-12-2020 @ 13:00 and reopen on 6-1-2021 @ 08:00.
Thank you to the TvZ Team for all your effort during the past year, especially Janneri van Zyl our Office Manager & Liza Buunk our Short-Term specialist.
We are looking forward to 2021.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

Travel safely and enjoy this special time with your loved ones.