Dear valued Clients & Associates

With 2021 quickly coming to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year.
We are all very much aware 2021 has continued where we left off in 2020. There were more lock-down restrictions due to Covid 19. Mid-year we saw riots in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal that shook our nation.

Sadly, there were many individuals who have lost their source of income or had to accept salary reductions and those who have lost loved ones. Please know that we carry you in our thoughts.

At the end of last year, we started seeing news reports of vaccines with high efficiency rates being manufactured. By February 2021, South Africa received our first batch of vaccines. As of 25 Nov, 23.5% of SA’s population and 42.6% of the world population have been fully vaccinated and continues to increase daily. A truly impressive feat that was unheard of until now. This massive vaccine drive has helped us return to a somewhat normal life. However, we must accept that Covid will be with us for the foreseeable future, and we need to continue to practice the necessary Covid safety measures.

The JSE ALSI have achieved phenomenal growth over the past year with returns of +/- 30.5% year to date. If we compare this performance with Money Market at +/- 3.8%, it is clear South African Equities was the asset class to invest in this year.


As a family-run business we are as committed as ever to deliver excellent personal service and advice to you, our client and help you navigate towards Financial Prosperity & Protection.


Our sympathies to those who are currently battling illness and to those who have lost loved ones during this year. The statistics that we receive from Insurers highlights the fact that there was a dramatic increase in benefits being paid, particularly due to Covid related claims. These statistics again highlight the importance of Risk cover.

It is important that Risk Benefits are reviewed annually. This is the reason a Risk discussion is Standard on all our Agendas for the Annual Review.


Liquidity is an important aspect of any Estate to make provision for Estate and transfer

Fees to be paid.

With sufficient planning, liquidity shortages can be addressed before death.

Our relationship with Attorneys, Visagie Vos & Partners, have been standing for many years

and together we have dealt with numerous late estates and death claims.  This year, the master’s office has faced numerous delays caused by lockdown and IT system failure.


However, despite these challenges, Visagie Vos & Partners were able to conduct their services in an efficient and speedily manner for which we are very thankful.


The regular review of your will is very important. Therefore, it is a standard discussion point on our Agendas with the Annual Review.


The Covid 19 pandemic forced many companies to opt for a work-from-home solution. While this solution worked seamlessly for some, it presented many challenges for others. Over the past year we have heard of many instances where clients could simply not get through to their insurance company to register claims, make changes to their policy or to lodge a complaint.


By working with an intermediary/broker, you have one contact person to handle all your short-term insurance needs.


We remain committed to offer our clients the best cover alongside excellent personal service at competitive and reasonable prices.


We encourage clients, whose short-term insurance are not serviced by us, to send your schedules which will allow us the opportunity to provide comparative quotations, obligation free.


It is important to review your insurance policy on an annual basis to ensure you are sufficiently insured. With renewal, please read the insurance summary and our recommendations carefully. It is very important that you contact us if there are any changes that need to be made to your Short-Term insurance policy.

For any after-hours enquiries/ emergencies or for assistances/ claims during the festive season when our offices will be closed, the following numbers can be contacted.

(Be sure to have your policy number or I.D. number on hand when phoning)

OM Insure

Tel: 0860 247 365         Claims, Emergencies, Swiftcare, Roadside assistance, Home assistance and Medical


Tel: 0860 637 373         General Enquiries like adding or removing items to your policy and all other changes.


Tel: 0860 505 911         Claims, Emergencies, Roadside assistance, Home assistance and Medical


Tel: 0860 726 826         General Enquiries like adding or removing items to your policy and all other changes.

Auto & General                                  

Tel: 021 527 8666         Claims, enquiries, or changes to policy.

Tel: 0860 104 210         After-hours emergencies.


As mentioned above, Covid 19 & Lockdown had a devasting effect on Economies around the world. There are many individuals that were Retrenched and those that were offered early retirement or voluntary retrenchment options.


The decisions that an individual makes when offered these options is probably one of the most important financial decisions during your lifetime. 


It is crucial to contact us when these offers are presented, or if you are considering retirement.


Tax implications upon retirement or retrenchment can be severe. We will explain and advise you on the appropriate & most tax efficient options available to you.


Welcome to all our new pensioners and all the best of luck to you in this new stage of life.


On 20 March 2020 when it became clear that Covid 19 will have a global impact, stock markets around the world plummetedOur own JSE all share index fell by close to 30%.  Since then, the ALSI has recovered by 47.55%.


This again goes to show that investors should avoid making emotional decisions during difficult times and stick to their long-term investment strategy as these decisions could cost them dearly. This also proves that over time the Market does recover and that the old saying still hold true:


It is not about trying to time the market but rather time in the market that counts.


As mentioned before, due to most insurance & investment companies having implemented a work-from-home solution we have experienced many communication challenges over the past year.

For this reason, we have appointed another office administrator to assist with follow-ups, queries, and escalations.

Many of you have already had contact with Jana Pienaar, our new admin assistant. Jana started working with us in May and very quickly became an integral part of the team. We are confident that she will have a bright future in the financial services industry. We are very proud of Jana for what she has already achieved and learned in a short period of time.

We encourage you to visit and like our Facebook page: as we do share plenty of information on this platform. You are also welcome to visit our website


Please note as mentioned before: We are first & foremost Financial Planners.

Tax submissions are done to compliment the advice given. We can therefore submit tax assessments, but we cannot guarantee or escalate claim payments or amend any standard policy of SARS.

This year SARS had an extreme backlog with audits and we had a lot of cases where SARS required additional information from clients, that was not the case previous years. Again, we can assist with the submissions but unfortunately we can not escalate any processes.

Due to many working from home during lockdown, we had numerous clients needing guidance with home offices expense claims. Thankfully, our tax administrator, Janneri, had assistance from Jana to deal with this influx of queries.

Thank you Janneri and Jana for seeing us through a very busy tax season.


We are pleased & proud to announce that all our compliance functions and systems are up to date and that we received a 100% rating on all compliance reports for 2021.


For the past thirteen years we have partnered with the biggest Network of Independent Financial Planners, Masthead to conduct our independent audits. We are extremely proud for once again receiving their stamp of approval.


Thank you Masthead for your continued guidance and support.


Again, we are extremely thankful to each client for your continued support.

Our success is determined solely by the support of our clients.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved their goals this year, completing their studies and any achievement awards.

To our Team at TvZ Financial Planning: We would like to thank you for your hard work during the year. You must enjoy your break as it is earned and very much deserved.

Please note that our office will close on 15 December 2021 @ 13:00 and reopen on Thursday 6 January 2022 @ 08:00.

Our office will also be closed on Friday 10 December from 10:00 as we will be attending our Year End function.

We are really looking forward to 2022!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year! Travel safely and enjoy this special time with your loved ones.